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-Demarque, I love your positive attitude. A ray of sunshine to brighten my day! Thanks for everything, I've learned so much from you. Best Wishes! A. 2019

-God shows his love through the warmth and kindness of special people like you. May your light continue to shine in your wonderful ways. Thank you and God Bless. S. 

- Demarque, you provide amazing patient care- I love the work that you are doing with these kiddos!

What you are doing matters, Thank You!

-Thanks so much from MSMBC (Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church) Youth Dept.

-Demarque you're a shining example of what it takes to succeed. We are soo very proud of you! The Thomas Family

-Dear Demarque, Thank you for being a positive influence in my life and in the lives of the kids you serve. I have learned so much from you and how to approach adolescents. All of those terms, therapeutic use of self, high positive regard, being present in the moment, all put into action in your approach. Good luck with building your individual therapy practice. K. 2019

-Thank you Mr. Demarque for everything, you seen me at my lowest point and uplifted me into becoming the person I am today. All the knowledge you gave me and all of the coping skills I learned. You played a ginormous part in my growth as a person. So again, Thank You! 2019

-Demarque was excellent, very responsive. The change in my daughter is the greatest feeling. Mr. Demarque made lasting impressions on her. R. 2019

-Demarque Thank you for being such an amazing part of the team. Your dedication and leadership within the department and hospital is truly amazing. Thank You! C. 

-Demarque has been absolutely Fabulous! He was very patient with his questions and giving us suggestions on how to better communicate. 2019

-Demarque thank you for helping me through a rough patch in my life. You have good patience and that is a very good virtue. P. 2019

-My therapist Mr. Demarque. Thank you for the help you gave. M. 2019

-His positivity easily influences on others. He is able to go deep within emotions and mental mindset to help others. 3/16/18

-Always there for you. 2/15/18

-Great therapist, always has words of wisdom. And can relate to most patients. 1/12/18

-Helped me talk through my emotions and got me past the anger and stress. Best Therapist Ever! 6/25/18

-Demarque! Thank You! I was having a rough time and you really helped me calm down. It means a lot to know someone cares. 2018

-Mr. Demarque is the best therapist in the facility. 2019

-Demarque, Thank you for letting me shadow you this semester. You have taught me a lot about boundaries and self care and that's something I'll take with me throughout my career. Thank you and I hope to see you again one day. S.D

-Demarque, Thank you for allowing me to learn so much from you! I was able to observe how social workers should handle ethical situations and see beneath the surface of patients issues. Thanks a bunch. A. P

-Communication was very good. Demarque is a great therapist-he refused to take any “lazy” answers & helped my daughter dig down to some root issues that she was unaware of. He saw through her attempts at manipulation. E. 2019

-Mr. Demarque was a Great help. My family is very grateful for the help we have received. A. 2019

-Mr. Demarque Thank you for all the Positivity you show us in group, you helped me a lot. Its been a Blessing meeting you and I know I have all the skills for when I am 18 next month. You gave me hope and faith. Thank you so much! I will miss you sir. E. 7/13/18

-The Goldminds Masterclass was Awesome and Fun. 10/7/2023

-The Goldminds Masterclass was slightly boring but encouraging and slightly Fun and COLD. 10/7/2023

-The Goldminds Masterclass was Great and Mindblowing. 10/7/2023

-The Goldminds Masterclass was Excellent. 10/7/2023

-The Goldminds Masterclass was Fun and Educational. 10/7/2023

-The Goldminds Masterclass was Very Good and Fun. 10/7/2023

-The Goldminds Masterclass was Good. 10/7/2023

-The Goldminds Masterclass was Cool. 10/7/2023


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