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Telehealth Services


Benefits -The benefits to Telehealth/Virtual services are The ability to expand your choice of service provider. It allows for convenient Mental Health Coaching/ Consulting options including location, time, no driving, etc. This will reduce cost and time of  appointments due to not having to drive to and from an office.  This will lead to increase availability of services to homebound clients, clients with limited mobility, and clients with transportation issues.

Limitations- It is important to note that there are some limitations to Telehealth sessions that can affect the quality of the sessions. These limitations include but are not limited to the following. I may not hear all of what you are saying and may need to ask you to repeat things. Technology might fail before or during the session. 
Connection Loss-
During Sessions If we lose our  connection , I will call you back immediately. The number may show up as restricted or blocked please be sure to pick it up. We can also troubleshoot the reason we lost connection to prevent it in the future.

Recording- no recordings by coach or client during sessions, this may result in termination of client and coach relationship.

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