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     Goldminds Program 
(Transformational Leadership)



"GOLDMINDS" Youth Empowerment Program will focus on self-esteem building, positive communication and social skills, conflict resolution, recreational activities, effective decision-making skills, college and career readiness. Group Empowerment Sessions will improve the mental health and behavior of students along with their leadership skills. Youth will also learn laws of success to help them maximize their potential. Goldminds is a youth program for young men between ages 12-17yrs. The program also consists of team building events, workshops, mentoring groups, college tours and more.


Bi-weekly & Monthly Group Sessions will be hosted on Zoom and Quarterly In-person Team Building Events are planned!

The support and involvement of guardians/family is beneficial for the success of the program. Goldminds Groups are Limited to 6 Leaders who will work with Demarque Mitchell, LCSW (CEO of DEG, PLLC).

Benefits of Program                  

  • Mental Health Screenings & Education

  • Quarterly In-Person Team Building Events!                                    

  • Free Parent/Guardian Consultations!

  • School Collaboration and Peer Support!

  • Referral Services!

  • Weekly Email Support!

  • Empowerment Gift mailed upon starting the program!

Empowerment sessions

  • Leadership             

  • Laws of Success

  • Self-esteem Building

  • Decision Making

  • Social Skills   

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Who do you want to be?

  • What is your vision for your life?

  • How will you achieve your goals?

  • What are your fears?

  • How does peer pressure affect you?

  • What kind of man do you want to be?



Our unique program is focused on Mental Health, Leadership, Success, and Character Building which will provide a lifetime of benefits. Goldminds group sessions empower youth and teaches them to have faith in their capabilities. Youth shall become bold, courageous, and fearless. They are empowered to become unstoppable and maximize their potential!

Goldminds Leaders are more likely to have a greater sense of hope for their future, maintain positive mental health and wellness, and become successful leaders of tomorrow!



“Goldminds” (Youth Empowerment)

Unstoppable Group  

-Monthly Group Sessions +Events

-limited to 6 leaders

(Leaders can remain in program indefinitely)


Empowered Group  

-Bi-weekly Group Sessions + Family Sessions

-limited to 6 leaders

(Leaders graduate after 2-3 months)



*Monthly Mentorship Program*



-Free Mental Health Screenings

-Empowerment Gifts

-Email Support

-limited to 8 Leaders

-Virtual/In-person sessions

-Membership fee required

          (Special rates)


Mentor: Demarque Mitchell, LCSW

        (Saturday Sessions @ 12 Noon)    



Email Us: See Contact Us Tab Above!



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*Note: Program Fees help fund Quarterly Team Building Events, Empowerment Gifts, and Catering Services! 
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